12 hours with S

Honeylike stream of time
The first glance
Falling feeling neardream
Flapping heart, suddenly awake
Light brown glasses across
Unprecedented tour de force

Denizens of the insular rock
Never have felt such bliss before
Mares, beautiful mares of the day
“She’s the one, the long awaited”
Horns, drums and strings in unison
No better composition orchestrated

Confined spaces within time
She drives and he navigates
Streets are marrows, he is she
Destination indefinite
Roads between where and there
Defined, definite, definitive

Gone are the four hours with S
Like a pinchable daydream
Engraved to bone and flesh
In memoriam

Caffeinated cells and sunlight fractioned
From an old bench laughters echo
There’s chocolate in between them
Heartshaped ones included
Background chatter of birds
Trees witness the joy of a boy

A broken promise he embodies
Trespasser, deserter, vowbreaker
“You’re not allowed to revisit the past”
Never to set foot on this soil
Yet here he was with a smile
Her face the only reason

Time’s cogs revolved in great haste
Day turned into night unconsciously
His head wouldn’t stop spinning
Intoxication takes only a glance
Trees witness restraints of a man
So does she

Gone are the ten hours with S
In a haze and infatuation
Engraved to bone and flesh
In memoriam

He bleeds hope without reason
No hesitation, no doubt
A moment of clairvoyance mayhap
Stomach churns, his neck a bowtie
Draws near the hour of judgment
A knot to hang by or to wear

He could wait for her
Endure gnawing maggots
A halflife passed with patience
She just needs to say “wait”
And he would wait for her
Three hundred years or more

Last hours pace differently
Sluggish with a hint of doom
Abruptness lurks around the corner
Crash landing and the ghost town
At the bus stop he lingers
Waiting what may never come

Gone are the twelve hours with S
A sliver of hope, fair share of despair
Engraved to bone and flesh
In memoriam

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