age of motion sickness

The age suffers from motion sickness
sunlight causes epileptic seizures
heat upsets the works of illuminous plastic surgeons
millions believe superficiality is the best course of life
what you wear supersedes your marrow
children are taught and babysat by LED-faced e-parents
being naturally tan and/or having facial hair renders you a terrorist
information is everywhere, but only on celebrities are sought
and there is no punchline.
in this fool’s golden age
we avoid the divine like distant relatives
we rely only on human-made miracles
-i.e. the miracle of child labor
or the further exploitation of the already downtrodden –
so, may I have the latest innovative gizmo which will cost me a kidney or two and give nothing but the illusion that my life and status are improving? Thankyouverymuch.
meanwhile, let’s all drink Coke and live happily ever after
a rush of sugar has never failed me before
-it may fail my heart, liver and various other vital organs eventually-
stampeding ads won’t stop for no one, nonetheless,
and, despite the very best
-exchange best with worst-
efforts of televangelists,
rapture won’t be televized
not on cable, at least*

*fees may apply